For couples
Romantic Bath
Partner bath, Jacuzzi with rose petals.
30 Min
starting from € 44.00
Pumering Ritual
Caring and relaxing pampering ritual with soft pack, Relaxation massage.
80 Min
starting from € 171.00
Jump to Happiness - Body
Pure massage experience (body) for two.
90 Min
€ 235.00
Jump to Happiness - Body & Face
Pure massage experience (body & face) for two.
110 Min
€ 306.00
Partner Ritual De Luxe
Relaxation, pure enjoyment - from head to toe. Foot bath, steam bath, Bath tub, resting on the water bed, soft pack, relaxation massage.
135 Min
€ 246.00
Travel Through India
India is a country so large and diverse in its cultures - mysterious, mystical and exotic. With the partner ritual "A journey through India", we invite you to an extraordinary experience. A wonderful combination of different areas of wellbeing will appeal to all of your senses and take you to another world. Your "journey" starts with a unique sound experience of Tibetan singing bowls. You will then be given an oil massage pampered with a final body cleansing. In the included after rest, we will pamper you with a freshly prepared Lassi. The individual treatments are carried out corresponding so that you can always have your partner close by.
180 Min
€ 411.00
Pearls of Life
Love, dreams, strength - timeless, always lasting! Sound meditation, Zeolite peeling, head massage, steam bath, stone massage, foot massage, resting on the water bed including a soft drink, sparkling wine, sushi, Chocolates, give-away. With two therapists.
150 Min
€ 411.00
Refreshing Moments
Enjoy our private spa in the evening hours from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. including a bottle of champagne, mineral water and a selection of the finest organic teas as well as selected natural cosmetic products and fine house chocolates, and a surprise infusions from our Sauna master. You can easily add on massages and beauty treatments as you wish.
60 Min
€ 381.00