Beauty comes from the inside. Our beauticians have a wide range of nourishing and pampering treatments especially for you!
Dr. Babor Anti Age
The effective alternative to injections. A treatment with Collagen and hyaluronic acid. Restructures ans plumps up the skin inside out. Reduced lines and wrinkles with exceptional results. Improves the firmness ans elasticity pf the skin and works against skin aging.
starting from € 102.00
Dr. Babor Pro Fruit Acid Treatment
This treatment stimulates cell metabolism, brightens up pigment spots and refines pores ans expression lines. By working with fruit acid, it enables us to transport active ingredients deeper into the skin. The treatment is ans will be completely painless completed without redness. You only expeience an extremely fresh skin texture with refined pores ans tightened skin feeling.
60 Min
€ 164.00
Babor Ampoules Treatment
The quick fit for beautiful skin, because a good moisturized skin radiates vitality. Feel the awesome effect when up to 5 active ingredient ampoules will be worked into your skin. Ampoules are quick beautifiers that are particularly good for the skin, they can be quickly absorbed, worked in without residue and are so effectively. Your skin has never been brighter, fresher and plumper!
45 Min
€ 84.00
Face Treatment De Luxe
Our unique in-house creation of a facial treatment fulfills everyone wishes and lets you shine. The facial consists of peeling, teaming, bioenergetic lymph drainage, cleansing, eyebrow correction; Active ingredient pack, as well as a face, décolleté and neck massage.
110 Min
€ 167.00
The Treatment Large
The "Large" facial treatment consists of cleansing, peeling, steaming, cleansing, facial massage, active ingredient pack and eyebrow correction.
80 Min
€ 136.00
Classic Facial Traetment
The "Classic" facial consists of cleansing, peeling, steaming, facial massage and an active ingredient pack.
50 Min
€ 95.00
Foot care for women and men.
starting from € 74.00
Perfectly manicured nails and hands.
starting from € 70.00
Professional hair removal.
starting from € 15.00